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  The most important thing for government to improve the health care is to clean the environment




  2014.12.28 (重复2014.5.27以及2012.07.15大陆)

  Do you agree or disagree the statement: It is important for government to provide money for beautiful and not just for some practical things.


  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? To increase economic growth, the government should ignore environmental concerns. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: People can solve important problems by themselves or with the help from their family members so there's no need for the government to help them.






  Reason1:Admittedly, cleaning the environment can effectively reduce the incidence of infectious disease and better protect people’s health. However, this is not the most rational choice for the government.

  Reason2:The limited funds should be invested in the people’s environmental awareness so that more people can participate in the work of protecting the environment.

  Reason3:The government can mobilize more manpower and material resources to advocate healthy and environment-friendly lifestyles and sustainable ways of development,like strengthening exercise, reducing fossil fuel consumption,eating a balanced diet and carrying out deeper environmental research, etc.


  1) 积极:

  保持健康 stay/keep healthy

  促进身体健康 improve physical health

  肺活量 vital capacity

  心肺功能 functions of heart and lung/heart-lung functions

  增强耐力 Strengthen endurance

  呼吸/消化系统 Respiration/Digestion system

  2) 消极:

  对健康有危害 be harmful/hazardous to heath

  危害健康 endanger health

  容易有健康问题 be prone to health problem

  生病 fall ill

  久坐的生活方式 a sedentary lifestyle

  增加医疗费用 increase the health cost

  病假 sick leave

  患上 … 病 suffer from …



  Recently, there has been a hotly-debated question in our society that which way is the most important one in order to improve people’s health. Some argue that the government should focus on hospital fundamental instruction or cutting down the medicine expenditure. However, from my point of view, I consider dealing with the environmental pollution as the most essential factor when we are trying to make the folk’s health condition better. My view point is based on the following reasons and examples.


  First and foremost, cleaning soil and water body can help us provide higher-quality food for our citizens. As we all know, if the environment is seriously polluted, vegetation and grains growing on this land will certainly absorb certain kind of poisonous materials from the soil or water which can do harm to human’s body. For example, several decades ago, in Japan, there was a sudden outbreak of a terrifying disease—patients would have a dramatic disorder in their physical movement as well as their mental conditions. Some of them could lose their ability to walk, while some might have no ability to hear and speak. Even more unfortunately, children who were still very young or adults who were more vulnerable than ordinary individuals would gradually become insane and finally pass away in pain. After intense investigation, researchers found that all these poor people ate rice produced in a mercury-polluted farmland. Cleaning the environment can effectively reduce this kind of tragedy and protect people’s health.


  Moreover, cleaning air can also lead to citizen’s better health condition by eliminating the harmful stuff floating in the sky. Take Beijing city as an example. With the rapid development of industrialization in Beijing and its neighboring province Hebei, more and more chemical plants and thermal power plants have been established. They keep emitting lots of waste gases into the atmosphere, including several kind of particles which can do harm to people’s lungs, such as PM 2.5 particles. According to the statistics from Chinese government, during the last decade, there was a drastic increase in the amount of people who suffer from lung cancer, sore throat, and so on. Polluted air has already become one of the most dreadful threats to individuals’ health.


  Admittedly, it is not enough if we cast our attention only on the environment. There are various kinds of other elements which can affect people’s physical conditions. For instance, increasing the medical subsidy or set up more medical insurance also play an important role in enhancing citizen’s health conditions. Nevertheless, cleaning the environment can stop people from being harmed by detrimental raw materials of food and from polluted air, which is much more effective and fundamental in protecting people’s health.


  To conclude, the most significant thing to improve people’s health is to make our environment cleaner. Thus can not only reduce the harmful substance in the food we eat, but also help prevent the number of people having lung disease from going up. Although there are quite a lot the government can do to make its folks healthier, the most fundamental and effective solution to people’s deteriorating health condition may still be our first choice.


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