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  accumulated/amassed 累积、积聚

  Any field of knowledge needs to be accumulated/amassed through multiple channels and by various means.

  acknowledge 承认、认可

  It has been widely acknowledged that relating well to others paves the way for people to achieve success.

  acquire 获得、取得

  Covering varied subjects helps children acquire comprehensive skills to meet the high demand of the modern world.

  adopt 采用、采纳

  Due to the inability to make correct judgments, children are likely to adopt a deformed view upon the functions of money and school grades.

  arouse 引起、唤醒

  The overwhelming curiosity about alien cultures and features considerably arouses people’s interestin foreign movies and TV programs.

  boast 含有、包括

  I once joined a guided tour to Hainan, a most popular scenic spot that boasts appealing seashores and delicious seafood.

  boost 提高、激发

  Increasing teachers’ salaries will boost teachers’ enthusiasm and devotion.

  cherish 珍惜、怀念

  Having a delicious meal together and chatting freely are simple ways to celebrate either one’s birthday or graduation, but they can bring great happiness and memories that will be cherished forever.

  combat 对抗、斗争

  As long as the entire society is on a mission to combat the existing and potential environmental challenges, sooner or later the day will arrive when the earth is safeguarded and its environment is further improved.

  commit 付诸、委任

  Such a psychological reward will motivate children to commit greater tasks when they grow up.

  comprehend 理解、掌握

  The social and historical background of serious movies provides people with an opportunity to comprehend a vast amount of knowledge.

  confront 面对、遭遇

  The uniform is not the right answer to various difficulties and problems that high school education is confronting.

  constitute 构成、组成

  The pressure from other students constitutes a powerful impetus to improving one’s abilities as well as perfecting one’s personality traits.

  convince 说服、确信

  The remarkable technological development has convinced people that the electronic world is filled with marvels.

  cultivate 培养、陶冶

  The equality in grade may cultivate the group members’ stronger sense of responsibility.

  dampen 抑制、沮丧

  Limiting their interest and freedom in doing what children like will exert a negative impact on their mentality, which may dampen their study enthusiasm.

  demonstrate 证明、展示

  Employers prefer university graduates because a higher educational qualification generally demonstrates more practical skills.

  eliminate 消除、排除

  Wearing the same school uniform as everyone else eliminates a significant source of discomfort for many teenagers: the uncertainty that what they are wearing is “right”.

  embody 体现、包含

  The modern society has an increasing demand for superior quality productions that embody favorable social values.

  employ 使用、采纳

  These methods help children build far-reaching insight and train them to employ common sense and explore the world with their own eyes.

  incur 招致、产生

  The increase in the number of car owners is incurring many negative effects, which has already aroused the intensive concern of the government.

  induce 导致、引起

  All the prevalent changes taking place today due to the advancement of science and technology are combined together to induce greater revolutions in all fields.

  instill 灌输、植入

  It becomes necessary to attend some physical activities at least a few times a week, and instilling this idea into children when they are young is the best way to ensure their health for life.

  lack 缺乏、不足

  College graduates command higher salaries than applicants who lack college diplomas.

  maintain 维持、继续

  Maintaining stable ties with faithful friends may offer each individual far better chances to extend his/her career life.

  outweigh 胜任、超过

  Being with family is a happiness that far outweighs any success achieved at work.

  possess 拥有、控制

  Possessing a great natural talent for computer programming, Bill Gates made a name for himself and acquired tremendous fortune by developing a number of operating systems and software that are commonly used today.

  prosper 繁荣、刺激

  In order to prosper the economy, every nation in the world strives to build working forces with desirable health condition.

  provoke 驱使、激发

  Watching foreign movies provokes students’ interest in foreign countries and cultures.

  reap 收获、享受

  Girls are born as smart as boys and equally deserve to reap the benefits of education.

  shoulder 承担、肩负

  Governments should shoulder the responsibility of supervising the applications of major discoveries, making sure that they are used legally and correctly.

  stimulate 刺激、鼓励

  Person-to-person interactions are important to stimulate children’s fresh ideas and spark inspiration in and from parents.

  surface 呈现、浮现

  Many significant problems have surfaced when the global economy becomes inter-dependent.

  ruin 毁坏、灭亡

  Getting along with a friend as a roommate, if not properly handled, could quickly ruin the relationship.

  tailor 剪裁、适合

  It becomes impossible to tailor an entire school’s curriculum to the individual needs of every single student.

  weaken 减少、变弱

  Nowadays, an increasing number of people are dependent on computers and electronic apparatuses, which weakens their ability to think and act imaginatively.


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