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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Modern society hasbecome more complex, so it is essential for young people to have the ability toplan and organize.

Living without an aim is like sailing on the ocean without a compass. A good plan gives clear directions when one is faced with complicated uncertainties. Today's world makes every social member a sailor, who is riding waves under the complex weather conditions at sea. Evidently, the ability to plan and organize is not merely a prerequisite for being a leader, but should be mastered by all other modern citizens as well. Therefore, as fresh troops constructing the future society, young people ought to have planning and organizing skills.

Above all, the ability to plan and organize prepares the youth for future academic and career challenges. With a clear goal in mind, they will have the impetus to strive for it and are less likely to get lost on the way. Planning ahead of time makes each endeavor meaningful. Besides, unwanted situations might be prevented in advance. In most cases, the ability to plan also keeps young people away from worry or fear of the future that is full of obstacles and mysteries. Forinstance, if a high school student is about to leave school soon, it is necessary for him to have a most suitable plan before the graduation ceremony begins. As long as he learns about his interests and sets a goal, a plan takes form. The ability to do so requires not only advice from parents, but also proper instruction from teachers. For example, suppose a person has an ambition to become a lawyer. He may plan to select law as his major at college or decide to read related books, or take a part-time job at a lawyer's office. More details are added until a well-organized plan is formed. Fromthen on, he is able to live with a meaningful aim.

In addition, early planning and organizing experience helps young people to become mature. Once a child learns basic skills about how to plan and organize, there can be psychological changes that take place in the brain. These may help them obtain more objective views of the world around them. For example, if they used to spend almost all their leisure time playing computer games or watching TV and they are given an opportunity to make a new plan on after-class activities, they might gradually realize that the obsession with computer games was harmful to them.Activities like helping parents with housework, doing sports, and reading interesting books may increase. This marks a big step forward. The child becomes more mature and sensible, which indicates the importance of planning and organizing skills.

Viewed from a certain angle, young people with the ability to plan and organize are more likely to become leaders upon entry into the business world. It is a common quality shared by successful leaders of different professions, both in the business world and in the political arena. These adults all exhibit remarkable talent for making critical decisions and are exceedingly capable of administering a large number of employees or assistants. If children are given the chance to learn such skills, they would have a primary comprehension of planning and organizing. As soon as their interest is aroused, they may be inspired to become a group leader in their circle of friends. It could be a valuable experience for themin their future ambitions.

In a word, to become a good sailor in the information age, every youngster ought to be well equipped with a number of essential skills, including the ability to plan andorganize. No one is able to foresee what is going to happen tomorrow. However, one is able to prepare well and move on into the next stage of life with clear guidelines.


没有目标的生活就仿佛在茫茫大海上漫无方向地航行。当一个人面对复杂的迷茫时,好的计划会为他/她指明方向。当今世界将每个社会成员都变成了一名水 手,他们在海上多变的天气条件下乘风破浪。不言而喻,计划组织才能不仅仅是领导者的必备条件,其他现代公民也应该掌握。因此,作为建设未来社会的生力军,青年人应该拥有计划组织才能。






compass n. 指南针

direction n. 方向

fresh troop 生力军

impetus n. 动力

get lost 迷路;迷失

graduation ceremony 毕业典礼

major n. 专业

after-class activity 课外活动

obsession with... 对……的迷恋

sensible adj. 明智的arena n. 舞台;竞技场

administer vt. 管理;支配

foresee vt. 预见

guideline n. 指导方针






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