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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? lt is more important touse land for human needs than to save land for endangered animals.


The earth is now witnessing a controversial issue in the using and saving of land. There is no denying that land use is essential to the development of human society. If no more land is available for people to explore, the living space will no longer endure the pressure from the growth in population. On the other hand, if the land that animals inhabit is invaded by humans, an increasing number will reach the verge ofextinction. Thus, the ecological balance will be severely disrupted. Consequently, only through having a good balance between land use and land conservation can such a dilemma be solved.

First of all, land use ensures further development for human society. It involves the management and modification of wild land into areas for human needs. As many as 7 billion people are living on this planet today. To satisfy the most fundamental demand of the growing population, land ought to be properly used. For instance, if there is not enough supply of farming fields, fewer crops canb e harvested for food. This will increase the number of starving people in the world. The same is true with land for residential use. No one wishes to witness the rootless existence of those who are not settled down due to the lack of living space. In addition, the construction of commercial districts and public open spaces as well as the creation of industrial parks are all major projects that make a society advance towards a higher level. Evidently, the use of land is of essential importance to the survival of mankind and the advancement of modern society.

Without a doubt, humans should also be on a mission to protect animals fromdying out. Endangered species like jaguars, leopards, brown bears, giant pandas and tigers are disappearing at an alarming rate due to the overuse of land and deforestation. Ancient ecosystems are being disturbed during human's excessive exploitations. Such problems have intensifiedover recent years with unprecedented population growth and urbanization. A thriving and healthy environment is of vital importance to people's well-being, but it is met with potential crisis owing to the extinction of rare animals. The earth where humans survive and developalso belongs to other creatures. If more endangered animals are extinct, humans may face the same danger sooner or later. As valuable inhabitants on this planet, animals, especially those in danger of extinction, should never be deprived of a space to live and thrive. In a sense, saving land for these animals is equal to saving their lives.

Therefore, the government should seek to order and regulate land use in an efficient and ethical way. It is also imperative to make cautious plans to maintain the balance between using and saving land. Meanwhile, assessing the land potential and searching for alternatives for land use are also favorable options for the government. In doing so, the needs of humans can be ensured and natural resources can be safeguarded.

In summary, the harmony between humans and nature is of vital importance in the modern world today. Land management is by no means an easy task. It involves all- round consideration and foresight. Excessive exploitation ought to be strictly prohibited. To use the land cautiously while protecting the endangered animals is a wise choice. Indeed, the far-reaching advancement of a society owesmuch to a well-balanced social and natural environment.









explore vi. 勘探;寻找

invade vt. 侵入;侵犯

extinction n. 灭绝

disrupt vt. 破坏;扰乱

modification n. 改变;改造

harvest vt. 收割;收获

starving adj. 挨饿的

rootless adj. 无所寄托的

industrial park 工业园

survival n. 生存

die out 灭绝

jaguar n. 美洲虎

leopard n. 美洲豹

giant panda 大熊猫alarming adj. 令人担忧的

deforestation n. 森林砍伐

intensify vi. 增强

well-being n. 幸福;康乐

endangered adj. 濒临灭绝的

ethical adj. 道德的

cautious adj. 慎重的

safeguard vt. 保卫

foresight n. 远见






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