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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers should be paidat least as much as lawyers, doctors, and business leaders are paid.


The salary level of the teaching staff has been a majorconcern by the society in recent years. Admittedly, teachers'pay is lower compared with some other professions. Thus,with the purpose of improving such an unfair situation,some people advocate that teachers should be paid at leastthe same as lawyers, doctors and business leaders. From mystandpoint, I support the idea of raising the overall pay levelof the teachers.However, the measuring standard could beflexible.

To begin with, being the devoted contributors to socialdevelopment, teachers deserve ample pays. Fromthe bottomof people's hearts, they are forever cherishing the mostsincere gratitude toward their beloved teachers. Ever sincethe very first day they entered school, they have begun toenrich their mind by following the enlightening steps of theirteachers. Dating back to the distant Warring States Periodof China, people had already believed in the famous sayingthat a tutor for a day is a father for a lifetime. Indeed, in noway could an individual accomplish success without histeachers. There is enough evidence to indicate that therealization of one's personal values owes much to those whohave sacrificed far more than what they have been rewarded.With the progress of society, the significant role teachersare playing can no longer be underestimated. But for theirtremendous contributions, lawyers, doctors and businessleaders could have never become wealthy and useful.Therefore, it has approached the time to promote theirsalaries to a higher level.

However, each profession should have its own criteriaof salary standard. The paying volumes also differ amongdifferent fields. It is absolutely unnecessary for all of them toadopt a uniform paying measure. Even within the sameoccupational domain, methods of payments might be variedamong individuals. To further illustrate, a lawyer could bepaid according to his reputation. If he has won many vitalcases, he should earn more than those who are not asfamous. Some other lawyers might be paid according to thelevel of their qualifications, including law-relatedcertificates, degrees of education or professional ranks andtitles. For example, a person who graduated from HarvardUniversity should earn more than an average lawyer. Thesame is true with the medicine field. As for business leaders,they are often stock holders who could earn a larger fortunethan others. They can also receive their salaries on the basisof the profits their projects have made. Needless to say, it isimpossible to pay the teachers as much as Bill Gates is paid.

Similarly, a more flexible and scientific salary systemshould be built to ensure that all teachers could be fairlypaid. For example, teachers could be paid according to howwell their students perform, either in exams or in varied kindsof competitions. Those whose students gain higher marks orreceive more awards could be rewarded with a salarypromotion. In addition, if a teacher has successfullycompleted many major projects and research tasks, he alsodeserves a higher pay.

Apparently, in order to create a healthier and moreharmonious atmosphere, decision-makers of all professionsshould adopt immediate measures to renovate their payingsystems. As for the education field, the demand for betterpayment to the teachers has been on the rise. Therefore,instead of confining to the outdated and unfair payingstandard, school authorities carry the responsibility toimprove the current situation.









overall adj. 总体上的

measuring standard 衡量标准

flexible adj. 灵活的

from the bottom of one's heart 从心底

gratitude n. 感激;感谢

beloved adj. 敬爱的

distant adj. 遥远的;远古的

Warring States Period 战国时期

A tutor for a day is a father for a lifetime. 一日为师,终身为父。

approach vt. 接近

volume n. 总额;数量

uniform adj. 统一的;一致的

occupational domain 职业领域

reputation n. 声誉;名声

vital case 重要案件

qualification n. 资历;资格

certificate n. 证书

professional rank and title 职业等级与职称

stock holder 股东

profit n. 盈利

atmosphere n. 氛围

decision-maker 决策人

adopt vt. 采纳










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