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  When it comes to (关于A所在的集合名词), I have to say there are many (I want to tell you about), such as àà……but these are not my choices. For …, I vote for A

  I personally think …I personally don’t think ….



  Chicken soup helps to fight a cold.

  Special chemical stops a cold from getting worse.

  People can get enough protein and be healthy by eating tofu, eggs, nuts.

  Food gives people the chances to learn more about other cultures.

  We use internet to communicate in many different ways.

  It is good way to do sth

  影响 (How2)

  Overeating has negative/great impact on human beings’ health.


  it is good/unhealthy for sth/sb (not)to do

  目的 (Why1)

  the ancients used stone or wood to make tools.

  I am writing a paper for my English class.

  起因 (Why2) (对齐)

  Chocolate causes pimples.

  Eating too much and not exercising can cause us to gain weight.

  Using too much of the energy may cause the problem

  The cause is stress or not getting enough sleep.

  Adding fattening things like butter to bread can raise the number of calories we eat.

  We eat because we are hungry.

  The reason why Americans love pizza is uncertain.

  May be that’s why there are fewer people than I thought.

  The mistake may lead to a serious accident.

  Thanks for Chinese paper invention, people use money made of paper

  条件 (Why3)

  Without paper invention our lives would be very difficult.

  If I get tired, my mother will let me get some sleep.

  时间 (When)

  People like to eat junk food when/before/after they are happy, sad or worried.


  I prefer eating in Chinese restaurants where I can enjoy the Chinese way of life

  状态描述 (What)

  It is a belief that …

  it is wonderful/terrible experience that… /for sb to…(learn more about myself, see the world in a new way, change the way people work, learn, behave)

  Food is life for sb to do sth

  Chicken soup is a good cold remedy.

  Soccer is one of most important games in the world

  No one could work with greater intensity than Edison.

  It is hard to imagine what life today would be life without computers.

  A plays important/great part on (change the way people work, learn, behave, Communicate/the way of living/ the crime rate)

  数量/程度 (How many/much)

  There are seismic changes in the way people communicate/talk/behave.

  There's been a tremendous improvement in (socially security) over the last a few years, due to A


  The government began to think about introducing a new law.

  What we eat becomes a part of us

  The government decide to introduce a new law to …



  A study in 2002 showed that…

  It has been found that…

  According to a group of specialists who carry out…

  About/more than/less than 40% of the restaurants in this city is local.



  Food is life.

  解释 It gives people the nourishment we need to stay alive and be healthy.



  people enjoy variety of sports in the USA(主题句)

  分例1in warm weather, people enjoy water sports….

  分例2When the first snow comes, people delight in freezing fun…

  分例3Americans also enjoy indoor sports whatever the weather…



  Internet changes the way people communicate with each other(主题句)

  实例I remember when I was a kid, I wrote people letters. Now it’s not the same, you know, just sitting home before my laptop and chat with people all over the world through the internet.




  Not all Americans play sports for fun; some Americans see sports as a religion.

  Not only do Americans play sports for fun, but they treat sports as a religion as well

  Besides playing sports for fun, Americans see sports as a religion

  Americans do not just play sports for fun; they see sports as a religion.


  How does a food have impact on human’s childhood memories? Professor Wansink believes that …

  Do man and women choose different kinds of food? Wansink’s research at the University of Illionois says “Yes”


  To communicate with sports nuts, it helps if you talk sports.

  What a relief to have security guard around us.

  So …



  What impact has the recent news about Beijing Olympics boycotting had on you?



  When it comes to talking about “Beijing Olympics boycotting”, I have to say there are many I want to tell you about. Beijing Olympics must and will succeed.

  The Olympic Games is one of most important games in the world. It changes the way that people view the cities and even the countries. Maybe that’s why it had so great an impact on the development of the cities in which they were held.

  Not only do the Olympics provide a new look for the countries, but they give people all around the world the chance to learn more about other cultures as well. When the OG are held in the western world, people learn about some different ideas there. Similarly, East provides people its typical foods, sports and the special way of life.

  But why do some leaders boycott Beijing Olympics. There are some different ideas, but China is one of the fastest developing countries in the world, which makes some of the others admire or even become jealous of her success. But one answer is for sure: they don’t want a strong China appearing in the world.




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